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What territory or areas do you serve?
South West Florida: From Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Ft. Myers to Marco Island.
South East Florida: From West Palm Beach to Miami.

How often do you deliver?
Monday thru Friday

Do you use natural materials?
Our products contain only natural unadultered raw material in its high-quality bakery products. No additives nor preservatives are used. All our products are GMO-Free.

Can we order by phone as well as the website?
You may do both or send us an email

Does your site include baking information?
Our site includes detailed baking instructions for all our products. We offer on-site demonstration on how to bake up our products to get the optimal results.

What is the minimum order?

We deliver free for orders more than $250. Below, we have to charge a delivery fee of $20.

Why is European bread so different to US made bread?
Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Basically it is the water and the flour. First, the water contains more minerals in Euope than in Florida. Second, the flour grown and produced in Europe is of different consistency (less powdery) and not gene manipulated. Also the many generations of experience in producing bakery products certainly is an issue as well.